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Keep your furry friend comfortable and confident with DONO disposable dog diapers. DONO diapers offer a convenient and mess-free solution to manage leaks and mess, keeping your pup feeling confident and your home fresh and clean. They're also ideal for female dogs in heat,  providing peace of mind and protecting your furniture and floors from accidents.



  • Leakproof protection: Dono diapers feature a super absorbent core that can trap large amounts of liquid, helping to prevent leaks and accidents.
  • Comfort and fit: The diapers have a soft, breathable inner lining that will keep your dog comfortable and prevent chafing. An adjustable fit ensures a snug, leak-proof seal and comfortable wear for your pet.
  • Odor control: Dono diapers feature built-in odor control to neutralize unpleasant smells.
  • Multiple sizes: Dono disposable diapers come in a variety of sizes to fit dogs of all breeds, from extra small to large.


Give your dog the gift of confidence and peace of mind with DONO disposable diapers. No more stressful cleanups, embarrassing accidents, or ruined furniture. Dono diapers allow your furry friend to participate in all their favorite activities without worry. Order your pack today and experience the difference DONO diapers can make! They're the perfect solution for a happy and mess-free life with your pup.


Size Dimensions (cm) Weight (g) Quantity per Pack
MINI 31 x 21 11 22 pcs/pack (W/FREE SMALL PACK WIPES)
EXTRA SMALL 34 x 27 17 18 pcs/pack (W/FREE SMALL PACK WIPES)
SMALL 39 x 29 19 16 pcs/pack (W/FREE SMALL PACK WIPES)
MEDIUM 44 x 31 23 14 pcs/pack (W/FREE SMALL PACK WIPES)
LARGE 49 x 33 27 12 pcs/pack (W/FREE SMALL PACK WIPES)
EXTRA LARGE 53 x 35 31 10 pcs/pack (W/FREE SMALL PACK WIPES)
XXL 60 x 35 35 8 pcs/pack (W/FREE SMALL PACK WIPES)


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